Mr S Leather Dog Mask

Leather Dog Mask by Mr S Leather

Hey Pups!

Today I wanted to review my awesome new leather dog mask from Mr S Leather.
This mask is an exclusive design to Mr S Leather and I love the thought that has gone into its creation.
Fitting snug on the face the pup hood has a detachable snout that leaves the mouth open and available for access.
The puppy hood also comes in three different color options, tan, black and grey so you will be able to have a color that fits your puppy play persona perfectly. I love it, be sure to check it out over at Mr S via the links below

Mr S Leather Dog Mask

Custom Leather Pup Hoods | The Happy Pup | Gpup ALpha

Custom Leather Pup Hoods | The Happy Pup | Gpup Alpha

Custom Leather Pup Hood Options

Hey there Pups, just wanted to show some of the options you can have when you are choosing your custom pup hood.

Mr S have made a great decision to allow people to create hoods that suit individual personalities.

For me I identify as a German shepherd so having a hood that is light tan with a dark muzzle help me to feel more pup like when wearing it.

Pup boss has gone for a fantastic hunter green combination and my brother Primus has gone blue.

Lots of option are available and I highly recommend you check them out here

Hugs and tugs

Gpup Alpha

Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide

Design Your Own Custom Leather Pup Hood

Puppy Hood & Masks

Magical Moments in Human Pup Play | Kirk Brue Pierce

Magical Moments in Human Pup Play | Kirk Brue Pierce

In this video Kirk Brue Pierce one of my most respected human puppy play friends shares a magical moment he experienced when working at Woof Camp at IML.

Imagine the joy of bringing two new people to human pup training and watching the magic of a new friendship blossoming.

Love your work Kirk.

Gpup Alpha

Handling & Examining – SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Gwen Bohnenkamp explains how to train your puppy to enjoy being held and handled, otherwise youll end up with a difficult and anxious adult dog. Increase handling a little bit at a time and praise them when theyre being calm
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