Mr S Leather Fat Boy Penis Extender Reviewed

Mr S Leather Fat Boy Penis Extender Reviewed

Hey there Pups! Today I wanted to review this cool toy from Mr S Leather, the Fat Boy Penis Extender. This toy is made from super soft silicone and feels amazing against the skin. When worn it adds an extra inch onto the length of the cock but also a good inch to an inch and a half around the width of the cock. It’s heaps of fun and if you have a nice piggy bottom play friend you are going to be sure to have many hours of enjoyment. You can check it out over at Mr S using the link above.

Human Puppy Toys

Fatboy Cock Extender

Puppy Training – SIRIUS Berkeley Puppy 1 (1.2)

(See More @ ) Also in Week 1 owners learn the importance of proper socialization & bite inhibition. The Take It / Leave It game is introduced, as well as the Watch Me command. Owners learn to stuff a hollow chewtoy and the homework is to practice everything from class using the pups normal food for treats.
Download all of SIRIUS Berkeley P1 at:

Woof Neoprene Puppy Hood For Pups With Glasses | The Happy Pup

Woof Neoprene Puppy Hood For Pups With Glasses | The Happy Pup

Hey there pups! Gpup Alpha here from The Happy Pup and Sirius Pup Pack.
Today I wanted to share a solution for pups who want to wear a pup hood but need to wear glasses.
I’ve found that the Woof Hood from Mr S Leather is a great solution for pups who wear glasses or even sunglasses. With nice open areas around the eyes you can easily slide your glasses in over the front and under the sides of your dog mask.
The Woof hood comes in neoprene which is perfect for wearing in water as well as leather if you are looking for a more formal look.

I highly recommend checking it out here:

Puppy Hood & Masks

Mr S Growler Hood | The Happy Pup | Gpup Alpha

Mr S Growler Hood | The Happy Pup | Gpup Alpha

New Growler Open Chin Pup Hood

Hey there Pups! Super excited to get my paws on the new Mr S Growler Hood.
This hood was designed especially for pups with one cool new feature that I am sure is going to end out being pupular… (See what I did there?) …

From behind we have the same classic Mr S Pup Hood however this is where the similarities cease. From the side and front you can see that lower jaw part of the hood is now removed and you have a much more open lower jaw.

This makes tasks like drinking and eating much easier. There are probably other tasks like bone chewing that are going to be much easier now as well.

The other change to the front of the hood is that the lower edge of the muzzle contains a metal band which allows you to shape the face to suit your pup persona. You can go from narrow to flatter like a pitbull. I am pretty sure you are not going to be able to go the full pug but with patient and some pleating of the leather who knows the limits.

Anyways I like this hood as is going to be good for me as I have a full beard. No more cramming my beard into the chin piece.

You can check out the Mr S Growler Hood here at Mr S Leather for this great human pup play addition.

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

Puppy Hood – The Dogs BolloXX

Puppy Hood Leather Spikey
Get in the puppy head space with our amazing Dog Hoods. Made from durable 3mm bridle leather, this hood will last you an eternity!
With adjustable locking buckles in the back, you can make it the choice of your owner when it’s time for you to be let out. For strays who like it simple, we also do snaps.

The front can be easily detached and the spikes of course are optional, but definitely look hot.
Spikey ears? Floppy Ears? Feel free to ask about any kind of personalisation, we are happy to alter the design to cater towards your needs and fantasy.
If you live in London, just come along to our work shop and have it fitted on your head for a perfect fit!

Leather £399
Rubber £299


Studded Leather Dog Harness for Small Breeds and Puppies

New Top Notch Puppy Leather Harness with Riveted Pyramids is the best decision in bringing up active and healthy puppy! The secret of harness lies in its shape – while the collar embraces the dog’s neck and increases chances to choke him, the harness is put on around the dog’s body and distributes all pulling force around his torso. Your puppy won’t feel any pain or discomfort!

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Pup Gauntlet Leather Wrist Band

Pup Gauntlet Leather Wrist Band

If you are looking for a discrete way to flag that you are a human pup this leather pup gauntlet can be a great way to show your interest in human pup play to other pups who are in the know.
Made by the team at Mr S Leather, they are made for either the left or right wrist with different sizing options as well as colors.
I love this product and it’s a great new addtion to my puppy play gear that I enjoy wearing.
Be sure to check it out!

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha The Happy Pup

Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide

Paw Gauntlet

Big Bully pitbull Dog Collars Best custom dog collars feat BGK’s The Rock pit bull

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