The Process of Making Leather Dog Collars & Leashes

This detailed video takes you through the meticulous steps of creating our handcrafted genuine leather dog leashes and collars. From our digital drawings and die cutting process, to our committed team of sewing professionals, this video showcases our commitment to quality through every step of the process. For more information, visit or call 1-800-518-8935.

How to Make a Belt into a Pet Collar

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Recycle your old belt into a collar for your pet that is fashionable and easy to make.

Step 1: Choose belt
Choose a belt that is environmentally friendly, such as organic cotton or hemp.

Avoid braided belts, belts with large buckles or studs, and leather belts, which shrink if they get wet.

Step 2: Measure
Measure your pet’s neck, add 2 inches, and mark the length on the belt with the marker.

Step 3: Make a hole
Use the awl and hammer to make a hole at your mark.

Step 4: Trim and round the collar
Trim the belt 3 inches past the hole with the shears. Round the corners and trim loose threads with the shears.

Step 5: Test the fit and attach tags
Slip a couple of fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck to test for fit. Make sure the collar is secure but not too tight. Then attach the pet’s ID tag and go for a walk to show off their new collar.

Did You Know?
Research shows that babies can tell the difference between an angry and a friendly dog bark, despite having little or no previous exposure to dogs.

My Favorite Pup Play Memories

My favorite pup play memories from my life as a human dog. First was when I was introduced to puppy play while visiting dore alley a leather festival in San Francisco. This was the first time I met a leather pup as well as rubber dogs. The leather dog I spoke with was very kind and a wonderful man who was able to see the idea in my mind that human pup play was safe, sane and heaps of fun. I also met RubberDawg that day so I was a very happy pup indeed! The second memory is of when I first met my master and I was collared. This was a fantastic experience. I remember being placed into a “present” position and sitting with my head gently lying on my masters tummy. He started to scratch me behind my ears and I knew then I was destined to be a human puppy. Both happy memories from my early pup play experiences. Gpup Alpha

Leather Dog Pound 2016

Are you bound for Dog Pound? #leatherdogpound #dogpound #bulletbar #lal2016
Leather Dog Pound is back as the Official Pup Play Party of Los Angeles Leather Pride 2016. During the week long LA Leather Pride celebration, theres only one place to get your ‘pups all riled up, and that’s the Bullet Bar, home of Dog Pound!
Hosted by L.A. Pup 2016, Pup Zero. Ashtray Kain and Dan Lovell, this April Fools Day will be one for the cats!
APRIL FOOLS! It’s still one for the pups, but we will be honoring our handlers. Because what is a pup with out a handler? A pup! However, both roles are important, and both must be celebrated. So let’s celebrate our pride in those that hold our leashes!
Bring your boys.
Bring your leather.
Let’s fucking play.
Commemorative Leather Dog Pound 2016 pins will be available!
Location: The Bullet Bar
10522 Burbank Blvd. NoHo CA 91601
Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter
15 min walk from North Hollywood Metro Station
Bullet Parking
5655 Whitnall Hwy, North Hollywood, CA

Gpup Alpha & Pup Bolt Talk The Value Of Human Pup Training

Gpup Alpha & Pup Bolt Talk The Value Of Human Pup Training

The Value Of Human Pup Training

In this video Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia talks all things human pup training with Pup Bolt of Watts The Safe Word.

In our conversation we cover a variety of topics including:
the value of pup training

Today Bolt and I talk about how it’s important to get the most out of your human pup play you need to consider an earnest approach to getting human pup training. Just like a sport, training, in particular puppy training, will help you get the most out of your experience and pup space.
There is more to human pup play than putting a collar on.

I talk about how human pup play is not held within the body, but you can gain access to pup space with practice and getting good at the skills of human dog play.

Human pup postures are some of the first trainings you will get as a Sirius Pup.
Present, Kneel and All Fours

These pup postures can be used to control the experience a human pup has. Hood also change the way a pup experiences their environment. Human Pup Hoods are a training tool by changing vision, hearing helping centre a pup in “the now”.

When it comes to gear however first items to consider are knee pads, as well as wrist and hand (paw) protection.

You can learn more about human pup play by visiting:

Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide

Human Pup Play Safety & Health Resources