German Shepherd with his Leather Dog Leash & Collar Combo on – Amazing 2-in-1 Combo

Check out our new video with awesome German Shepherd. He’s wearing Anywhere Fast Handling Leash Choke Collar Combo that fits any dog. With this perfect combo you can both train and walk your dog. What do you think of his gear? Tell us in the comment section down below!

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Designer 3 Rows Leather Dog Collar with Pyramids and Studs

Wide Leather Dog Collar Hand Crafted by
Product Page:
Exclusive dog production is looking for customers! Directly from highly experienced maker. Low-priced but high-quality dog accessories can be found in our online dog shop. We manufacture from select premium materials always meeting safety and quality standards. Order now extra ordinary leather dog collar skillfully decorated with studs and pyramids. Easy adjustment, utmost comfort, perfect fit are great characteristics of this handmade dog collar. Attachment of a matching leash to a solid D-ring can be done in no time. Let your dog wear only reliable equipment-put this collar on him and take up his prosperous training.


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Because when you think Christmas, you think of tight fitting legwear.

Special thanks to ShadyVox for mixing the hell out of this. Also kudos to ILoveKnucklesShadow for the featured art.

Leather Jocks Jockstarp Jock Strap With Pouch BTLN001

Black Leather Jocks Strap With Pouch T his Real black leather Jocks has a great look to the styling with chrome stud work This product is made from high quality buff leather. The item will arrive to the buyer brand new with tags from our design and production facility.This product comes in black leather . Most of our items can however be made in different colours and sizes. please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a special requirement as i am always happy to assist – created at

Leather Dog Harness for Daily Walks and Professional Training – Review

Watch this video to know what kind of dog harness suits best for professional training sessions – for protection dog training, attack training or agitation training. Despite of the huge range and variety of professional activities for dogs, this harness can be used for daily walking, as it is extremely strong and padded with soft felt. Your dog will have neither irritation nor rubbing.

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Tooling and carving leather how to tap-off designs

Tooling and carving leather How to tap-off designs with Bruce Cheaney

This leathercraft tutorial shows you how to do a Tap-Off design for a custom handmade dog collar. This techniques will work for all kinds of leather projects such as belt, spur straps, saddles, purses, billfolds and just about any thing you can dream up. Leathercraft tutorial.

Tapping off a design like this is a real time saver if you make a lot of the same kind of leather items over and over.

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