How to put on and take off the dog harness – Quick Tutorial

Do you have a hard time putting the harness on your dog? Watch this short tutorial to learn how to do it effortlessly!

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Are you in search of comfort and beauty for your dog? If yes, congratulations! You have, finally, found the best decision. This Luxurious Leather Tracking Harness is one of our most lightweight harnesses so you can have an incredibly long and active rest with your beloved pet.

Mr S Neoprene Brief | The Happy Pup

Mr S Neoprene Brief | The Happy Pup

Mr S Neoprene Brief

If you are a lover of rubber or neoprene you will absolutely love this wonderfully sexy pair of briefs made by the team at Mr S Leather.

Complete with great color accents you can choose between white, black, red, blue and yellow enabling you to flag your favorite kink.

Made with 3mm top grade neoprene this is a jock that will be with you a lifetime. Neoprene is much easier to handle than rubber yet still has the same feel, warmth and stretch.

This neoprene underwear is great for wrestling, underwear parties and human pup play events. Imagine how hot you will look at the next pup mosh!

Care is simple,I recommend a simple hand wash after play and allowing to dry laid out on a towel.

Check out this great pair of sexy briefs here at Mr S Leather:

Hugs and tugs

Gpup Alpha, Sirius Pup Australia

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Boundaries | The Pup Safe Project

Boundaries | The Pup Safe Project
In this video Pup Boss of The Pup Safe Project and Sirius Pup Australia talks about the importance of boundaries in consensual BDSM, pup play and regular day to day life.
Boundaries are an important starting ground to help ensure all particpats are able to enjoy play with no feelings of resentment, anxiety or guilt.
You can learn more about human pup play safety by visiting The Pup Safe Project.

Boundary Setting In Pup Play