Ankle And Wrist Restraints | The Happy Pup

Ankle And Wrist Restraints | The Happy Pup

In this video Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup talks about the importance of choosing high quality wrist and ankle restraints.

For long lasting equipment I highly recommend well constructed leather restraints. Quick release mechanisms are fantastic as they help ensure safety should accidents happen.

Due to the delicate nature of ankle skin as well as the nerves that are against the bone, always use padded restraints on ankles.

You can learn more about wrist and ankle restraints by visiting here: and review high quality bondage restraints here:

Ankle & Wrist Restraints

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Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide

Leather Harness For Pup Play | Gpup Alpha | The Happy Pup

Leather Harness For Pup Play | Gpup Alpha | The Happy Pup

What’s Your Favourite Harness For Pup Play?

Hey there Pups, in this video I wanted to share a quick video showing the different types of leather harness you can get for human pup play. I love all leather and the harness is great for making sure that you are well under control of your master.

As you can see all three leather harnesses have good clips to ensure your master is able to keep you under control 🙂

The Bulldog Harness is great for pups who have a wider chest. This helps emphasise your bigger build and shows off your chest to it’s maxium potential:

The English is a more verticle style of harness and is great for pups who have big well developed chest, shoulders and arms. It helps show off your assets to their best potential.

Finally the pitbull is a great masculine harness. It looks amazing on the body and really shows that strong canine spirit.

You can check out all these harnesses by visiting my site, The Happy Pup.

Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide

Puppy Play Clothing

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

Folsom Street Fair 2015 in Motion! Leather, Kink, Nudists, Puppy Play and More | NSFW

Watch in HD for best quality!

The things you see at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. The World’s Largest Leather Fair.

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Men, Leather, Kink & Skin Galore at Folsom Street Fair 2015 | Loads of NSFW Photos

Puppy Training – SIRIUS Berkeley Puppy 1 (4.2)

(See More @ ) Also in Week 4, owners begin learning how to translate their verbal commands using the hand signals that their pups have already learned. With practice, the pups will soon be following verbal commands even if they cant see their owners. We spend more time on Stays, focusing on trouble-shooting and proofing.
Download all of SIRIUS Berkeley P1 at:

Carnal Chameleon Review: Pup Play Hood and Mitts by Stockroom

Max and Lilly Discuss their favorite pup play hood and gloves from Stockroom!

Carnal Chameleon Review:

Pup’n Out and About: Stockroom Pup Hood and Mitts

Pup Hood:

Pup Mitts:

The Pup Hood and Mitts was provided free of charge by Stockroom in exchange for our honest review

Rising Heart by Sro Alive: