Amazing Dogs : Documentary on Dogs and the Human Obsession with Canines (Full Documentary)

Amazing Dogs : Documentary on Dogs and the Human Obsession with Canines (Full Documentary).

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Mr Guy Baldwin On Human Pup Play In The Leather Community | Sirius Pup Australia

Mr Guy Baldwin Shares His Impression On The Emergence Of Human Pup Play In The Leather Community.
This year while attending CLAW (2017) I was proud to have been able to sit and share time with leather icon Mr Guy Baldwin.
This segment is part of a greater interview on with Mr Baldwin after his key note speech on the origins of masculinity and men from a gay man’s perspective.
I appreciate his open sharing and will continue to edit the hour long video.
In this segment he shares his own thoughts and impression with the emergency of the pup play scene from his unique perspective of a leather man.

I look forward to sharing further videos from this engaging interview.

Regards, Gpup Alpha, Sirus Pup Australia.

You can learn more about human pup play by visiting:

Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide

Human Pup Play Safety & Health Resources

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Pup Diesel Adam Fairris Interviewed By Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia | The Happy Pup

Pup Diesel Adam Fairris Interviewed By Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia | The Happy Pup

Special thanks to Adam and his husband Chris for kindly taking the time to participate in this great interview.
Apologies for the quality of the sound as this was taken in a local San Francisco coffee shop that was way busier than I was expecting!
I hope you enjoy this great insight into the human puppy play life and pup play persona of Diesel
Gpup Alpha

Ultimate Leather Dog Hood

Has your naughty little pup been acting like a filthy beast? This canine hood will bring out the animal in them.
Crafted in fine genuine leather with a soft feel, this features a full muzzle, ears, and a removable blindfold.
The a zipper mouth so give dog a bone.
Closes in the back with corset style lacing, and buckles at the neck with a collar.
The a D-ring so take pooch for a walk to show off.
The snaps into place, and be quickly removed.
Made of supple black and generously sized, this extreme is the perfect way to make slave bitchliterally! Measurements: Circumference at forehead 63.5 cm, length 11.4 36.8 cm to 45.7 cm.
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Muscular Rottweiler in specially designed Super Strong Genuine Leather Spiked Harness

Genuine leather harness for Rottweiler, decorated with manually set spikes. Product Page:

Wide assortment of designer dog production can be found in Rottweiler online store. We have a lot of models, different sizes. Custom made dog equipment of exceptional quality for low price. We manufacture from best materials and meet safety and quality standards. Spiked leather dog harness for Rottweiler is best alternative to a collar. Very comfortable, padded with thick felt breast this harness is fit for both strenuous training and pleasant walking. Finished with nickel plate rustproof hardware. Neat handmade stitching at the edges for extra durability. In this harness Rottweiler will eagerly obey your commands. This harness will turn your training dreams into reality!

Zeta Dog Collars and Leashes

Made in USA by Leather Brothers ( Zeta is a poly-vinyl coated webbing that has the softness and feel of leather (leather embossed finish). It has the durability of nylon, yet is rot, soil, and odor resistant. Comes in a variety of bright colors that help you identify your dog in the field.

Zeta is water repellent and easy to clean.

Choose from regular or ring-in-center. Matching leashes are available in 4 and 6 foot lengths.

Haoricu Puppy Hot Cute Small Pet Collar Cat Bell Collar for Dogs Adjustable PU Leather | Dog Collars

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Haoricu Puppy Hot Cute Small Pet Collar Cat Bell Collar for Dogs Adjustable PU Leather | Dog Collars