Canine Demo on Human Treadmill

Video quality not the best: This video shows a medium/large dog working out on a Human Treadmill. Although this dog “fits” on the Treadmill, his workout is stifled. Well behaved dogs will comply and preform what is asked of them to please…yet they are not capable of performing at their best and will not be able to achieve the quality of movement you are looking for. If this looks familiar please review your options, consider a more natural platform like the DogTread Treadmill by PetZen, to maximize your pet’s performance. Change your Range (CyR) has been Designing Individual Fitness & Rehabilitation Programs for Canines since 1999. Erika McElwey, EqCnTPM, owner/manager of CyR, promotes quality movement regimes to incorporate into daily routines for pet owners. New 2013 “Virtual Consults” is coaching pet owners, in their home: “Making Every Step Count”! Foundation Strengthening, Exercise programs Treadmill or not, Have fun with our Pup-Up program and more… For more information please visit and schedule your “Home Canine Consult” today to find out specifically how to enhance your dogs performance. An Affordable-Option for pet owners with Quality we all deserve!